Who We Are

Welcome to Hippo Group


Hippo Group of Companies is a wholly Ghanaian owned holding company, formed in 2008 with Hippo Limited, the parent company, originally established in 1983.

The Hippo Group comprises of Hippo Limited, Rainbow 2000 Limited, Hippo Transport Limited, Hippo Estates and Construction Limited, Hippo Farms Limited and Hippo Management and Consultancy Services.

The affiliated companies are engaged in varied commercial operations interlinked to promote competitiveness of the individuals companies and the Group as a whole.


Our name Hippo originated from Hippopotamus, the mammal that survives both on land and in river.

Hippopotamus is the animal that cannot be captured in the forest or river by any other animal even a group of lions dare not. The name evokes strength, power and ability to thrive under any circumstances.

Hippo” therefore symbolizes the Company's resolved resilience, strength and toughness; thriving any business environment and competitiveness into giant business magnate.

At Hippo Group of Companies our core belief hinges on absolute trust in God and hence our motto, IN GOD WE TRUST.


Our Mission To provide timely and quality support services to affiliate companies promoting competitiveness in delivering commodities to consuming public and creating value for stakeholders.

Our Core Values As a Group, we our core values play crucial role in our overall working style. Our values are:

Integrity: Committing to high standard of reliability and demonstrating honesty in all our dealings; whether with colleagues, subordinates, superiors, and all other stakeholders.
Innovation: Being proactive and setting the pace to be a step ahead of competitors and taking leadership in our industry.
Professionalism: Portraying professional outlook and being the best at what we do.
Productivity: Being resource efficient and overall cost effective in delivery and ensuring excellent results at all levels.
Well Organized: Have in place the right structures that support business success and growth at all times.


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  • Transammonia DMCC, Dubai, united Arab Emirates
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